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Tarot Cards

If you are a SW looking for some spiritual guidance or connection to your birth chart, hit me up! All I ask for in exchange is an honest review from you I can use for my website :) xoxo, Mary

Thanks! I've added you to my list.

I'll be in touch within the next month! xoxo, Mary

Free Tarot & Astrology Readings for Sex Workers

Send in your information and I'll add you to my list! I'm able to do about 4 of these per month, so I thank you for your patience.

xoxo, Mary

What's included in a free tarot reading?

A three card detailed written tarot reading.


You can request guidance on a specific aspect of your life, or I can just deliver the first intuitive message that comes from the cards for you.

This is great for anyone that wants to learn how to use their intuition. I'll teach you how to start searching for inspiration & divine confirmation within your life with the help of the Tarot.

A written report about your Sun, Moon & Rising sign. 

the date, time & location of your birth is required.

Super ideal for anyone that just wants to dip their toes into astrology. I'll break down the major energies present within your "Big 3" placements to give you a taste of how astrology can be used to understand ourselves and the world around us.

How about an astrology reading?

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